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Bali and other islands in Indonesia are ideal locations to produce tropical natural spa products. Inspired by traditional beauty treatment of the Balinese, we produce natural care made from tropical ingredients available in the islands: tropical flowers, stones, herbs and fruits.

Renowned products are used in our spa range such as frangipani, turmeric, ginger, rice powder, sandalwood, avocado, Bali coffee bean and volcanic pumice.

We provide beauty range spa supplies for salon owner, spa owner, wholesalers, day spa, resort, boutique hotel, villa and personal treatment. Choose from extensive spa products for personal and professional. Our website is www.spaproductbali.com is the online wholesalers division of UD.Global Multi Trading or Global Amenities & Spa Factory, a spa supplier specialist based in Bali-Indonesia.

The company has been supplying to various day spas, resort spas in Bali and spa operators in some countries in Asia since 2005. The spa product made from all fresh natural ingredients available in Bali and Indonesian archipelagos.

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